Information in English

TechCare is a frontrunner in developing, customizing and delivering courses and consultancy services in relation to the EU’s two ATEX-directives. We offer our services to both Danish and English speaking clients.
The ATEX-directives focus on safety – technical as well as in work routines – in areas with risk of explosion.

Furthermore we offer courses in relation to L-AUS/AUS and communication services.

We execute general and all inclusive courses inviting attendees from a number of different companies. And we develop and deliver fully customized company courses to the needs of our clients in close collaboration with their own internal specialists.

Using surprising, humorous and innovative learning methods we empower people and companies to integrate the safer working methods in their everyday routines.

Our aim is to do that in a way that doesn’t compromise the companies’ efficiency and pay off.

Our integrated approach ensures that client objectives are achieved, and all stakeholders are seamlessly integrated into the process.